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Now I can’t speak for everyone, but 2014 was a huge year for me including: major projects; my college graduation; traveling all four corners of the continental United States via airplane, train, and car (Hello NYC, Florida, Washington, and California); moving from East to West Coast; and starting my design career working with the California start-up Minted just in time for the Holidays and the end of the year craziness.

With all that going on, I admit to not having time to update this blog like I would hope but I am always energized by the New Year, and have finally started sharing some portfolio projects. I still have a lot of updating to do on the profile (including my location of residency!) but if you have a minute, I would encourage y’all to click the image below to check out some work I’ve recently shared on Behānce. What about y’all? Anyone else got a profile, I’m looking for more folks to follow!

Elijah Cameron @ Behance


Phi Theta Kappa

Between my studies I participated in some extracurricular activities, one of which being Phi Theta Kappa. Although my tendency to over-obligate myself meant I wasn’t able to dedicate time enough to assume an officer position, I leant my time and skills in other capacities. The piece below is just one design I created for my local chapter. It was a great way to put the theoretical knowledge I acquired in the classroom to practical work in a low-risk environment.



Trust & The Digital Landcsape

A relationship, at it’s core, is a series of interactions sustained over time. Just like it takes time to build trust in a relationship, so to it takes time to build trust in a business. Building a strong brand can help bolster the customer/company relationship in any context. For example, here’s some highlights of a series of designs executed for Redding Communications. These pieces were designed to support a new e-commerce company specializing in table legs. The goal was to build a web presence and customer trust through brand consistency across social media, blogging, and website content.


While the identity of the brand had been established, I was given the task to create a myriad of design pieces to reinforce that identity. Pictured above is an example of the pushers I would produce, and below is an example of it in context of the website (click through the below image to see it in action).

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.27.26 AM


Shopping online can be intimidating, especially when making expensive purchases like furniture pieces, which are often bought in bulk. To address this concern, a large portion of time was dedicated to creating a series of short videos to better describe products functionality, dimensions, and give customers a better idea of the product they are about to purchase.

Finally, I also worked on infographics, like the one below, which has been posted to Pinterest and featured on the blog. You can see this infographic in action by clicking on the image below, which links to the post on the subject of table seating.

But the proof is in the pudding as they say, while working on these pieces my boss—and mastermind behind this strategy—would offer encouragement informing me that the pieces produced were creating a quantifiable increase search engine optimization and product orders.


Down the Rabbit Hole

Stoked for my friend’s kiln opening on April 26th and proud to have a cameo as the March Hare in the promo video. Here are some other candid shots on location for the shoot.


via Instagram


Photo by Fiva McCanless

3 Legged Cat

Down the Rabbit Hole is a Collection of Whimsical Teaware and Other Delightfully Droll Creations by 3LC at Dover Pottery. We are inviting folks to the shop to check out the new work and maybe have a cup of tea by the garden. I created a campaign to promote this event. Click here t0 see the postcard and here for the twee invitation. There is also a 12 page booklet and a video.

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Finish Things


Between my school obligations and freelance clients, I try to squeeze in a bit of “just for fun” creative pieces as a form of independent study, so to speak. For this piece, I chose this quote from author Neil Gaiman as a way for me to practice typography. My goal was to visually portray the way someone might read this sentence aloud. And since Mr. Gaiman is known for his whimsical and slightly gothic literature, I couldn’t help but add a slightly grim victorian influence.

Really projects like this are an excuse to browse fonts in the name of productivity. And while I’m sure to look back on this piece with chagrin not too long from now, just as the quote urges: I must finish things in order to move on to new projects and grow. Until then, here’s a testament to making mistakes and growth through failure.


I Don’t Do Boxes

The whole thing happened almost by accident. I saw an open Facebook event my friend was going to that caught my eye: I Don’t Do Boxes. When I clicked that little “going” button on the event page, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Cover illustration by Red Behnke

Last year I had the great pleasure of acting as contributing editor for the seminal publication produced through QueerLab called I Don’t Do Boxes as part of the Co-Lab initiative of Elsewhere Art Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. That’s what is on my resumé at least, but what does it all mean? Once a week I met with a group of inspiring youth for sessions that included everything from craft projects, interviews, and production meetings. When Green Street United Methodist Church took a stand for marriage equality, they were kind enough to do an interview with I Don’t Do Boxes.

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Everything Dies

A sneak peak of the collaboration with photographer Kim Newmoney for Des Ark’s upcoming album Everything Dies.


Kim Newmoney Photography


Aimée Argote serves as the lead for her band, Des Ark. One way to describe her music: soft, but often loud. She is also vegan. So when I came up with a concept for a shoot with her, I had those things in mind. Also, the name of her next and upcoming album is “Everything Dies”. Perfect, right?


I really did my best to convey that she is the fiercest vegan that you will ever happen upon in a lifetime. I had a lot of fun with these beets to the point that I may even be sick of them (very unlikely)! We even went as far as to slice a beet thin and shoot through it. I can’t wait to see what the graphic designer will do with these images!




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