Everything Dies

A sneak peak of the collaboration with photographer Kim Newmoney for Des Ark’s upcoming album Everything Dies.


Kim Newmoney Photography


Aimée Argote serves as the lead for her band, Des Ark. One way to describe her music: soft, but often loud. She is also vegan. So when I came up with a concept for a shoot with her, I had those things in mind. Also, the name of her next and upcoming album is “Everything Dies”. Perfect, right?


I really did my best to convey that she is the fiercest vegan that you will ever happen upon in a lifetime. I had a lot of fun with these beets to the point that I may even be sick of them (very unlikely)! We even went as far as to slice a beet thin and shoot through it. I can’t wait to see what the graphic designer will do with these images!




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