Shameless Plug For Behānce

Now I can’t speak for everyone, but 2014 was a huge year for me including: major projects; my college graduation; traveling all four corners of the continental United States via airplane, train, and car (Hello NYC, Florida, Washington, and California); moving from East to West Coast; and starting my design career working with the California start-up Minted just in time for the Holidays and the end of the year craziness.

With all that going on, I admit to not having time to update this blog like I would hope but I am always energized by the New Year, and have finally started sharing some portfolio projects. I still have a lot of updating to do on the profile (including my location of residency!) but if you have a minute, I would encourage y’all to click the image below to check out some work I’ve recently shared on Behānce. What about y’all? Anyone else got a profile, I’m looking for more folks to follow!

Elijah Cameron @ Behance